We are just as excited for you to get your new tattoo as you are! here are a few things to pay attention to before you come see us:

1) Bring a good idea!  Warning:  All bad ideas will be turned into good ideas.


2) Leading up to your tattoo day, take care of your skin.  Do not get a sunburn or a cut in the area of the tattoo because the quality of the tattoo will be compromised and not heal properly.  Also do not worry about shaving the area to be tattooed, we will do that for you to ensure that there is no razor burn!

3) Do not drink alcohol excessively the night before a tattoo or day of your tattoo.  Alcohol intake thins your blood and the ink will not stay very well within your skin, therefore the end product will not look as good and some areas may not even stay tattooed.

4) Eating something before you get a tattoo is strongly recommended! Getting a tattoo while having a low blood sugar level increases the chances of dizziness and fainting.  Eating prior to your appointment greatly reduces these risks!

5) It is wise to pre-buy the aftercare products listed on the “Aftercare Instructions” sheet.  Do not forget your state-approved ID or your money.

6) Lastly, don’t forget to tip your artist if you have enjoyed your experience with them and love your new tattoo!!  Keep in mind that each artist works very hard in capturing/creating your vision, then drawing the design for hours including numerous edits and then finally tattooing this design permanently on you.  Tipping is a great way of showing them that you appreciate their service towards you.  Tipping is normal and is just the same as it is in all other service industries.